Nan Sing is a design and manufacturing specialist in polythene packaging for World-class brands.

We work closely with suppliers to develop new techniques, keeping our customers up-to-date with the latest technology so that they can benefit from our wide range of products.

Our team of experts is constantly innovating cost-effective ideas, providing prototype samples that bring our customers’ delicate packaging needs to life.


We have over 100 extruders operating around-the-clock, producing virtually every type of polythene and polypropylene film, such as, 3 layers, grip seal, cling film.


The most up-to-date flexography and rotogravure printing presses are utilised to print any graphic or colour requirements in up to twelve colours.


We have over 300 different machines converting film into an almost infinite variety of packaging products. We have purpose-built hygiene rooms, adhering to food packaging safety standard, which supports our focus on catering for the needs of “Clean” packaging for the food and medical industries.

nansing_integrity_logistic_130628 We understand the importance of prompt and consistent delivery, and so we manage our own vehicles and work closely with our forwarders, ensuring us the flexibility to make daily deliveries of high quality products to any requested destination.

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